May 24, 2024

Margot Robbie spent fifty thousand pounds on a vacation with her friends. The “Barbie” star and her husband Tom Ackerley hosted their 14 closest friends for a weeklong, all-expenses-paid retreat at the secluded Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire last week. The couple pampered their guests with a private chef, spa treatments, cocktails served from a mobile bar, hot tubs, and activities like clay pigeon shooting, cycling, and prosecco pong.

A source told the Bizarre column of The Sun on Sunday newspaper that “despite being the hottest actress on the planet right now, Margot is incredibly down-to-earth and loves nothing more than hanging out with her best mates.”

Because of her marriage and her career, she is part of a small, close-knit group of people who make her feel comfortable being herself. She is very giving and loves to help those she cares about financially.

Margot was able to take a little break from her worldwide “Barbie” promotional tour, during which she was required to wear as many iconic Barbie outfits created by Mattel. According to our source, “the weather wasn’t great, but they were happy to chill out, eat, and drink.”

Margot had been dressing to the nines and teetering around in heels for the past few weeks, but now she was back to her old ways and wearing jeans, hoodies, and flip-flops. She is able to be herself around Margot because most of her friends also work in the film industry.

Margot has come clean about how she was never “much of a Barbie girl” The blonde beauty, who was raised in Queensland, Australia, told People magazine, “I didn’t personally have any [Barbie dolls] that I can recall. I believe my cousin did as well, and so did my sister. I occasionally played with my cousin’s, but I never really got into Barbies myself.

Margot said, “I was more of a roll-around-in-the-mud kind of gal.” when asked what kind of girl she was when she was younger.

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