May 24, 2024

Humza Yousaf’s wife said her parents, who have been imprisoned in Gaza since the Hamas attack on Israel, are “terrified” about what may come next.

Additionally, Nadia El-Nakla revealed to BBC News that some relatives’ homes had been obliterated by missiles.

Elizabeth El-Nakla and Maged El-Nakla, who reside in Dundee, visited a sick relative last week in Gaza.

Days into their journey, Hamas killed 1,200 people, according to Israeli authorities


According to Palestinian health officials, 1,200 people have died as a result of Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, and the overall death toll from the fighting is still rising.

Mr. Yousaf advocated for the establishment of a humanitarian corridor into and out of Gaza on Tuesday.

After Israel attacked Gaza, Yousaf’s relatives were trapped there.
Scottish victim of Hamas attack on Israel is remembered
Mr. and Mrs. El-Nakla were visiting Mr. El-Nakla’s ailing 92-year-old mother and their son, a father of four.

They are currently involved in a conflict situation, according to Ms. El-Nakla.

“My mother says that there is continual bombardment from land, sea and air.”

She claimed that since Monday, her mother had not slept, and that “every part of her body is shaking.”

The family had wanted to flee on Tuesday, but because the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza was attacked, they were unable to do so. Israel has closed all crossings.

The first minister’s official residence in Edinburgh, Bute House, is where Ms. El-Nakla spoke. She said: “They are just terrified, absolutely terrified, about what is to come and what is happening right now as we speak.”

Maged El-Nakla and Elizabeth El-Nakla
picture caption
When the Hamas strikes occurred, Elizabeth El-Nakla and Maged El-Nakla, both of Dundee, were in Gaza visiting family.
The councilwoman for Dundee City expressed her concern over the terminology being used to describe the fight, particularly statements that Gaza would be “obliterated” in retaliation for Hamas rockets.

She continued: “It puts the complete fear into me that I am never going to see them again.”

Her aunt’s and cousin’s homes are in ruins as a result of the airstrikes that have been going on since then.

On Wednesday, Ms. El-Nakla spoke with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, but there is currently no way out.

She believes that if that were to change, her parents would be forced to make a “impossible decision” because none of her other relatives had UK passports.

“Sometimes my arms feel like lead and it feels like I am just living in a nightmare for them,” Ms. El-Nakla added. I therefore cannot comprehend their feelings.

The residence of Ms El-Nakla’s aunt and uncle was hit by a missile
The residence of Ms. El-Nakla’s aunt and uncle was reportedly hit by a missile
The mother of two has warned against any cuts to aid because she is running through many possibilities in her thoughts.

“This needs to be a time when basic human needs like food, water, and medical care are met,” she said. International law is that. It is really important.

“My fear is that. They pass away first. They are also starving. The third is that the house is in ruins and they are living in camps.

“That is really scary.”

The effects on her brother’s small children, notably her eight-week-old nephew, are another concern for Ms. El-Nakla.

“His arms just flail in fear every time the bombs go off,” she continued. I worry that the constant barrage will break his little heart.

Elizabeth, Ms. El-Nakla’s mother, and her twin grandsons, who celebrated their ninth birthday on Wednesday
The twin grandsons of Ms. El-Nakla’s mother, Elizabeth, who celebrated their ninth birthday on Wednesday, are shown in the photo caption.
Her mother had earlier highlighted the family’s suffering in a heartbreaking 40-second video clip from the city of Deir al-Balah.

She added, almost in tears, “We don’t have electricity. We lack water. Because there is no electricity, the meager food we do have will deteriorate and not endure.

“In this house, I have four grandchildren: a two-month-old baby, a four-year-old, and, as of right now, two nine-year-old twins. their anniversary.

“I ask the world to help the Palestinians.”

The Israel Defense Forces’ foreign spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, stated that Gaza “was not a good place to be” for the family and added that, as far as he knew, there was no current way for them to escape.

He stated to BBC Scotland News: “I think this will be a very long war, our military aim is to strip Hamas of all its military capability.”

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At the King’s Coronation, Humza and Nadia are pictured IMAGE SOURCE, PA MEDIA
Humza Yousaf and Nadia El-Nakla were spotted at the King’s Coronation in May, image caption
Mr. Yousaf has encouraged the foreign secretary to request a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza in the meantime.

The first minister encouraged James Cleverly in a letter to leverage the good ties between the UK and Israel to fight for the release of Gaza’s people through the Rafah border.

He stated: “Too many innocent lives have already been wasted as a result of these utterly unjustified and unlawful strikes by Hamas.

“However, innocent men, women and children cannot, and should not, pay the price for the actions of a terrorist group.”

The Glasgow Jewish community staged a candlelight vigil on Wednesday night.
picture caption
The Glasgow Jewish community staged a candlelight vigil on Wednesday night.
On the steps of the Royal Concert Hall, the Glasgow Jewish community staged a “silent and peaceful” memorial in memory of the Israeli fatalities.

Grandfather Bernard Cowan, who was confirmed on Monday to be the first Scottish victim of the Hamas attack on Israel, was one of those honoured.

Mr. Cowan, who was born and raised in the Glasgow region, now resides in Israel, close to the Gaza Strip, with his wife and three children.

The BBC was informed on Wednesday by an authoritative UK source that 17 Britons, including children, are either dead or missing in Israel.

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